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Samsung Mobilers Campus, 5 – 8 July 2012

The Mobilers team is getting ready for a new adventure :-) Between the 5th and 8th of July 2012 they will participate in the first Samsung Mobilers Campus, organized in Romania, at Paraul Rece.

The Samsung Mobilers Campus 2012 will bring together mobilers from Romania, Bulgaria, Greece and United Kingdom for three full days, and introduce them to a new challenge: fun team-building and interactive intensive products training. During the camp, mobilers will participate to workshops about Samsung products understanding and promotion, social media and digital communication skills development, and ambassador activity proficiency. Moreover, the interactive team-building games and events organized will grow a united and more experienced team of mobilers and will increase the level of interaction between the mobilers and teach them how to produce high quality materials, individually and as a team. On the 6th and th july, intensive video and content trainings will be conducted by two very experienced bloggers in Romania: Razvan Baciu and Radu Dumitru.

During the second day of camp Mob!lers will be invited to a team-building expeditions, with entertainment   opportunities in which they will have the chance to visit surrounding attractions and produce creative content with their Samsung devices – to be uploaded and shared via social media channels of the campaign. Other than this, there will be evening debates and team-building events in which Mob!lers will have the chance to exchange experiences and share their ideas and needs for campaign’s better development and growing.

During the camp mob!lers will have to produce materials in order  to win the Campus Challenges and prizes assigned to them. There will be fun, high-tech and lots of news in social media on the Samsung Mobilers Romania Facebook Page and under the #mobilerscamp Twitter hashtag. Follow us!